Languages of Eternus (Silvermane)

Greetings: When greeting a Silvermane you should offer a handshake while making direct eye contact and make the appropriate greeting depending on the time of day. Males should kiss a woman's hand when meeting them. A kiss on each cheek starting with the left cheek and a hug upon meeting is appropriate for close friends or family. Titles are very important and denote respect. Domnul ( Mr.) and Doamna (Mrs.) and their surname should be used until they ask you to use their first name. Friends may address each other using title and the first name. A first name basis (without title) is typically used for extended family or very close friends.

Phrases: Welcome - Bun venit / Hello - Salut / Bună ziua / How are you? - Ce mai faci? (inf) / I'm fine. And you? - Bine / Pleased to meet you - Îmi pare bine de cunoştinţă / Good morning - Bună dimineaţa / Good afternoon - Bună ziua / Good evening - Bună seara / Good night - Noapte bună / Goodbye - La revedere / Cheers (Good luck) - Noroc! / Have a nice day - Îţi doresc / Bon appetit - Poftă bună! /