Laws of Eternus

Laws of Eternus Medieval RPGLaws of Eternus: The laws of Eternus are determined by the leader of each province who is most often a Duke or Duchess. They in turn choose representatives who lead the smaller townships and other areas.

Enforcement: Laws are typically enforced by the Sheriff of each province and trials are overseen by the local Justicar. Those that are found guilty in court of minor offences are sentanced to time in the local jail. Those found guilty of serious offences are sentanced to time in the Bastille.

Weapon Bonding: Weapon Bonding is a magical power that can be performed by the sheriff of a territory or his charges. It is a way to keep a weapon from being easily used while you are in a town.

Tax on Magic Spells and Items: Magic spells and items are heavily taxed and regulated by the local baronies.

Curfew Bell: The curfew bell is rung to signal the end of the working day.