The Culture of Eternus

sheriffs office medieval eternusSheriff: The sheriff has many different duties. His utmost duty is to execute writs or legal orders issued from his provincial leader. The sheriff also holds "tourn" or "sheriff's court" to indict local criminals in order to deliver them to the authorities. In some provinces he guards the Exchequer when they deliver funds to the leaders. Some Sheriffs use the right to purveyance which means requisitioning food and supplies from anyone under the Title of the crown. One of the Sheriffs most sacred duties is that of posse comitatus. Under this law they are authorized to summon all of the able-bodied men of the county to help him maintain public order. Usually this is only until the military can arrive to help. The sheriff is typically a powerful person and major landowner in the county. In some provinces the sheriff's office tends to be handed down from father to son.

Corruption: A corrupt sheriff can cause great suffering as he is often unopposed in his tyranny.