The Culture of Eternus

item gavel used in law courtCourts of Eternus: The Court of Common Pleas used to sit at Westminster and heard private pleas between subjects but that all stopped when the King disappeared. Criminal cases were heard in the Court of King's Bench also called called "Coram rege" which means in the presence of the King. It tried offences against the crown or lesser offences that involved two or more lords. Now matters are decided on a province by province basis..

Shire Courts: Courts are overseen by local Justices of the Peace who are typically members of the local gentry (large landowners who do not have noble titles) given a commission by the monarch to administer justice in their county. They could personally punish minor offences and commit criminals for trial at the Royal Courts. Local court juries also supply information on local customs and rights. Additionally it is often at these courts that knights of the shire and coroners are chosen.