Bestia: Sengo

Sengo (Bestia): Curious, intelligent, and likable, Sengos try to balance their loyalty to clan with the allure of new experiences. While these opposing motivations get some Sengos into trouble with family and clan others successfully navigate the potential problems. They are lighthearted and kind in nature but this does not make them silly or weak; they can be determined and even ruthless when protecting their friends and communities from harm particularly in the fight against their natural enemies the Yallabar.

Sengos generally wear earth tones, though they decorate their clothes with intricate stitching or fine jewelry.

Sengos reach adulthood at about age 400, and they live from 3500 years to 5000 years. Sengos speak their own language, Sengo.

Combat: Sengos prefer misdirection and deception over direct confrontation. Sengos make heavy use of illusion magic and carefully prepared ambushes and traps whenever they can.

Physical: Sengo are humanlike creatures that have small slightly rotund frames, soft curly fur and prominent black marks around their bright blue eyes that are similar to a raccoon. Sengos stand from 4'6" to 5'6" tall and weigh from 120 to 200 pounds. Their fur color ranges from dark tan to woody brown. Usually their hair is lighter than body fur, and their eyes can be any shade of blue.

Architecture and Art: Sengo culture does not place a high value on architecture preferring simple villages of 50-100 sengos each with their own tribal identity. Sengo make their homes in large hollowed out rocks and hills and prefer to live in small groups in secret rather than large cities. They will usually have one “city” that is nothing more than a gathering place to exchange goods and services with each other but mainly with other races. These places are usually one huge stone building that can be as large as traditional cities but with long corridors filled with shops and connecting points every few hundred feet to make travel more efficient. There are almost never any homes in these places as living there would be considered unacceptable to most Sengo. The one exception to this rule is the Amber Hills where the sengo live in a huge underground city that is considered sacred ground to the sengo.

Capital: Amber Hills

Culture: Sengos enjoy social interaction with creatures of a diverse heritage race and are very interested in experiencing other cultures and absorbing what they can for use in their own way. Sengo paragons are very accepting of other differences and will often harbor outcasts of other heritages as long as they are good at heart. They are often refuges for good creatures from normally evil heritages.


Enemies: Yallabar

Etiquette: Minos people are extremely warm, welcoming and hospitable.

Faction Tokens: Badge of the Sengo

Foods: Most minos cuisine features generous use of olive oil, fried cheese, vegetables, and herbs.


History: Minos people have a long and rich history that spans back into the beginnings of time. Unfortunately much of that history was lost when the royal libraries were pillaged and robbed during a Yallabar attack several hundred years ago.


Holy Places: Minos temples dot the landscape of many of the villages and towns of Eternus.

Honor: Their code of honor greatly values honesty, respect, integrity, fairness, love, dignity, character, nobility of soul, magnanimity, respect, and fidelity.

Languages: Common, Sengo,

Laws: The Minos court system is considered the best in the Kingdom.


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Weapon: Falcata

Weakness (Yallabar Energy Type):

Sengo Abilities: