Flameborn Class

Shadow Warrior Class Eternus RpgFlameborn: Flameborn are denizens of the plane of fire that live is a secret area of the plane called Sonduche. The plane of fire is a dangerous place and so they live in secret and fiercely guard this location from outsiders protecting it with their very lives. Flameborn are the chosen protectors and spies of the Flameborn race and are highly regarded for their stealth, as well as their skill with the flaming sword, shuriken, and fire magic. As of late the Council of Fire has discovered that their enemies are infiltrating the prime material plane and building armies to invade Sonduche.

They have decided that in order to survive they must strengthen ties with the upperworld communities subtly making their existence known and quietly building allies to aid them in case of war. They have sent a few chosen Flameborn into the upperworld to become ambassadors for their race.

Excellent saves / excellent fire attacks / good HP / excellent mobility / Excellent initiative bonuses / Excellent stealth bonuses / excellent perception bonuses / sneak attack /

Specialty: Fire Heritage / Best stealth in darkness / Firewalking / Fire sword (martial) / Fire Shuriken (martial) / Mysterious Orbs / Shade Armor / Silver Fire Magic / Blinding Sneak Attack / Diplomacy / Immune to flame |