Medieval Fantasy RPG -

Ancient - Emerald Dragonlord -

Physical - Emerald Dragonlords look much like an average human but have bright green eyes that glimmer like shining emeralds and long lean physical features similar to an elf.

Architecture - Emerald Dragonlords favor lush grass areas with small shrub like trees and flowers flawlessly integrated into the archetecture of their cities. Fountains and statues are almost always placed so that they watch over all of the the entryways to the city.

Capital: Pengwern

Customs: Emerald Dragonlords take great pride in their culture, and expertise in an artform such as music, poetry, dance, or the like is expected of nearly every citizen.

Dress: The Emerald Dragonlords clothes usually feature a single color with intricate stitched patterns that trace mystical symbols.

Enemies: Elphane - bringers of death, disease, and famine

Etiquette: Eye Contact - Direct eye contact is maintained during conversations, but not to the point of staring. Looking away when an someone is speaking is usually viewed as disrespectful.

Faction Tokens: Sacred Wellstone

Foods - Dragonlord stew, potatoes, vegetables, dragonspices, potato dishes, baked cheese, speckled rasin bread, leeks, mint sauce, shepherd's pie, mashed potatoes, steamed cockles, buttermilk pancakes, cheese, eggs, seaweed, oatmeal, various cakes, soup, potato pie, various cheeses, beer, dragonwine, mint tea,

Goals: To protect those of good intent and to preserve the history and culture of their race.

Government: Meritocracy

History - Emerald Dragonlords are an ancient race from the Plane of Dragons. They disappear sometimes for hundreds of years and then arrive suddenly to the world, usually in times of need.

Holidays - mbolg (February 1st) / Beltaine (May 1st) / Lognasad (August 1st) / Samain (November 1st)

Holy Places - Gardens of Delight - These gardens are off limits to all but those that have shown great promise.

Honor - Honor is tied greatly to reputation and social standing in the eyes of the community. Loyalty, consistency, hospitality, kinship, honesty, openness, friendliness, courage, and bravery are tenets of the race.

Languages - Common, Draconic,

Laws - Similar to the laws of the Kingdom of Eternus

Leader: Saint Brigit of Erin

Magic Type - Ancient Arcane - This ancient form of rune magic is second nature to them and is a self taught combination of holy and arcane magic summoned strait from the Plane of Dragons.

Place of Origin - The Island of Falias

Rituals - Dancing, chanting, and singing is a part of most religious rituals.

Symbols - The four magical talismans: the sword, spear, caldron, and stone of destiny

Weakness (Elphane Energy Type): Ancient Eldritch

Weapon: Emerald Sword of the Dragonforged

Abilities -