Eternal Race (Dhampir)

Dhampir: Dhampirs are beings that are half-vampire and half-nymph, born on a full moon and blessed by the winds as a innately good soul but a soul that must walk a dark path because they can see and destroy vampires. Many vampires have a gnawing desire for beautiful women and nymphs are of such great beauty that very few vampires can resist them. The result of their union is a Dhampir if it is a boy and Dhampiresa if it is a girl. The powers of a dhampir may be inherited by the dhampir's offspring if both parents are Dhampir.

Dhampir Weaknesses: While they do not have many of a vampires weaknesses a dhampir cannot enter a home or nonpublic building without a proper invitation. Also a dhampir must have a bag of dirt from their homeland on their person or they are unable to heal or sleep and begin to take minuses on all rolls (-1 per day without rest). Once a score reaches 0 they are immobile and start to lose health at 1% per month. Also unholy water does damage as if a lethal weapon (acid).

Destroying Vampires: Dhampir are skilled vampire hunters and can kill or repel vampires by many different methods. They can shoot them with a silver tipped crossbow, sprinkle them with holy water, rebuke it with a hawthorn or rosewood stake, perform an elaborate ceremony that uses silver spikes through the body and crowns of lead to purify the vampire in his grave.

Rebuking a Vampire: If the dhampir can't destroy a vampire, he or she may sometimes command it to leave the area by rebuking it with a holy symbol or relic.


Architecture and Art:

Capitol: Nysa



Enemy: Vampire


Faction Tokens: Blood Rose





Holy Places:


Languages: Common, Dhampiric,



Magic Type:

Place of Origin:



Heritage Weapon: Knout

Weakness (Yallabar Energy Type):

Dhampiric Abilities: