Character Backgrounds (Ancestral Guardian)

Ancestral Guardian (Fire in the Sky) - Your gift first manifested as a young teenager. At first it was just odd occurrences in your presence; strange noises and a strange fire that seemed to hang in the sky over your head when trouble was coming, and the occasional floating object. But as you entered puberty it got worse, much worse. Plants grew uncontrollably, animals acted strangely around you, and rumors circulated amongst the locals that their village must be cursed. Your parents discovered that the strange events happening were your doing and hired a teacher to help you get your gifts under control. Unfortunately the teacher was a paranoid and cruel man that held a powerful local Judgeship and after a brief and very corrupt trial you were deemed an abomination and set to burn at the stake. As the bonfire grew around you your uncontrolled magic took over melting the chains that held you and allowing you to escape. Now you must live life on the run as you learn to control your power.