Medieval Fantasy RPG -

Ritualist (A Life Worth Fighting For) - The life of a simple farmer is noble and good but you always wanting something more. One day you and your father dug up an old parchment tube containing an old and worn out map. You were just positive that it was a map to the location of some legendary treasure or holy relic. You finally convinced your parents to allow you to search out the location on the map. You equipped yourself and struck out to seek your fortune and help your family advance their cause. You never did find the treasure of the map, but you did discover from a merchant that the map was just a simple survey map of an old abandoned mine. He felt sorry for you and agreed to purchase the map for 5 palladium. You returned home but it was too late. Your family could see that adventure was in your blood. They used them money to buy you some basic gear and said a tearful goodbye. Since then you have wandered looking for your destiny.