Medieval Fantasy RPG -

Special (Hunters of Nightstorm) - It has always been the way of your culture to have any child born with a special birthmark sent to live among the planar priests of the Nightstorm Rift, a large planar rift that has existed beneath the earth for centuries. The priests are in charge of keeping the rift sealed, a job they have done for centuries. In their service you learned the ancient and mysterious ways of the planar world and the power of the magic it holds. Recently the rift was somehow opened releasing a fould group of planar creatures called the Mong. The Mong killed many of the priests and their allies. You and the remaining priests managed to close the rift at tremendous cost driving but not before many fo the creatures managed to esscape. Now you have been charged with hunting the creatures wherever they hide across the kingdoms. You will not rest until they have all been destroyed.