Medieval Fantasy RPG -

Magus Arcanum (A Dangerous Game) - Always curious and inquisitive you grew up devouring every bit of knowledge you came across. You read every book, parchment, and scroll you could find but longed for more. You knew that real knowledge, and real power, could only be gained through the understanding and mastery of magic. You served as the apprentice to a well known Magus in the city in which you grew up. After several months as an apprentice you discovered a horrific secret about your mentor, he was actually an undead creature who was a spy for a group of evil demons. The demons are planning an upcoming invasion of the lands. Instructions in the book order the creature to kill itself if it is discovered. Unfortunately the information in the book was incomplete. To stop the invasion you need to know more. Keeping the secret to yourself you managed to steal the creature’s book of secrets and hold it over his head. Since that day you have played a dangerous game of blackmail, demanding access to knowledge of the invasion in exchange for not destroying the well-hidden book and revealing his presence to local authorities.