Proeliator Class

Proeliator Class Eternus RpgDragon Caller: The Dragon Caller is a mystical fighter that uses the power of a living dragon to attune their bodies to make them a perfect weapon. The first Dragon Callers were trained by an Ancient Dragon to help provide protection to their besieged communities. All Dragon Callers use a special type of summoned weapon, which is composed of draconic magic and summoned instantly with a class power. They can also wear draconic armor (massive) and absorb and negate the magical powers of enemies particularly evil dragons through use of a special draconic shield. They are quick learners allowing for training in a fraction of the normal time. They are powerful forces for good and fierce opponents against evil.

Excellent hit points / Excellent AC / Excellent melee and range combat skills / Good saves / excellent weapon / excellent power selection / excellent attacks / good HP / unique item creation / excellent mobility /

Specialty: weapon (of choice) / Draconic Armor / Ability Score boosts / Absorb Maneuver / Quick Learner / Meditation Powers / Draconic combat powers / Spellshatter / Regeneration /