Medieval Fantasy RPG -

Focus Sacral Chakra II
Power Level: Base () / Max ()
Efficiency: Uncommon
Activation Word:
Type: Enhancement
Range: Personal (You)
Methods: Chant, Concentration,
Sacrifice: Yes one () of equal value
Duration: Permanent
Time: Instant
Area of Effect: One 5' square around the target
Focus: One class item ()
Target: One ally
Limits: You must be able to say the activation word.

Effect: You fill your party members with the spirits of your ancestors. This allows a party member to summon this energy to activate a critical healing boost as an instant action.

Buff: Self Activated - Caster - Long Range (Non-Lethal - Ancestral Energy)

Target: T-100

+50/4 - Infusion of Astral Light II
+25/6 - Infusion of Brimming Power II
+0/12 - Globe of Bountiful Health II (+10 critical bonus)