Character Powers (Ancestral Guardian)

Ancestral Guardian Powers List by Level

ancestral guardianLevel 1:

Stance (Covering) II:
Take Cover II

Training (Special):
Tracking (Class Enemies) IV

Use Item (Ability Boost) I: (+5 to Supernatural Saves)
Psionic Crystal I (Green)

Medium Armor II:
Medium Shield II:
Medium Slashing Weapons II:

Combat Training II (Attack - Close - Martial):
Astral Soulblade II

Energy Substitution IV: (detect 100%)

Summoning I: (Astral Water): Heal (astral) / Drink (all)
Astral Rains I

Defense: AOE

Shield of the Ancients II - Defense (Lethal)
Psionic Shield II - Defense (Non-Lethal)

Read Aura:
100% - Detect PL (Free)
100% - Detect Soul (Free)
100% - Detect Alignment (Free)

Level 2:

Stances I: (Attack)
Offensive Stance I

Enhancement (Meditation IV) Quick Rest (180%)
Chant: Ohm (silent)
Meditation IV:

Detect Energy Type IV

Energy Substitution IV: (detect 100%)
Ancestral Energy

Enhancements (Enhanced Constitution IV):
Attune Mind and Body IV: +80 Health

Combat Buff IV (Defensive - Ally - Free Action):
Focus Root Chakra - Bend Space IV

Summoning II (Limited):
Summon Class Weapon II (Astral Soulblade)

Level 3:

Creation IV (Shelter):
Planar Oasis IV

Communication (Undead) IV:
Automatic Writing IV

Boost Critical (Entranced)

Stance (Ancestral) IV:
Focus Solar Chakra IV

Detect Magic (Type) IV:
Profane Spirits

Detect Enemy IV: (Free Action)
Occultist- (Intelligent)

Level 4:

Stances I: (Increase Armor Defense)
Defensive Stance I

Healing Buff (Party - Critical - Out of Combat):
Focus Sacral Chakra II

Item Training II (Combat):
Talisman (Combat) II

Combat Training (Attack - Long) II:
Blazing Astral Talisman II

Combat Buff (Offensive - Self - Critical):
Chant of Fury IV

Training I: +10 to perception
Mind's Eye I

Boosts I:
Boost Armor I

Locate I: Class Contact
Locate Ancestral Guardian I (Uncommon)

Level 5:

Training (Combat) I:
2 attacks total | +25 Health | +5 Resists |

Creation II (Extradimensional Storage):
Astral Vault II

Detect Aura Concealment III:
Eyes of the Ancients III

Combat Buff (Offensive - sacrificial Power):
Jagara IV

Training I:
Mind of the Void I: (+10 to saves vs daze)

Crowd Control (Group) III:
Dazzling Starlight III

Weapon Training (Range - Medium) II: +8 to hit
Astral Seal II

Level 6:

Boost I:
Boost Attack I

Energy Substitution IV: (detect 100%)

Combat Training (Attack) IV: AOE
Astral Shockwave IV

Recovery II (Effect):
Recovery (Entangled) II

Summoning (Ancestor) II:
Ancestral Ghost II

Level 7:

Detect Enemy IV: (Free Action)
Draugr - (Intelligent)

Detect Magic (Type) IV:

Communication (Telepathic) II:
Mental Focus II

Personal Detaunt II:
Soothing Whispers II

Locate Place (Planar Rift) II :
Read Aura II

Stance (Quick Teleport) IV: +40 feet
Ghostwalk IV

Level 8:

Movement (Levitation) III:
Transvection III

Leadership Stance II: (Alertness +10)
Silver Cord II

Energy Substitution IV: (detect 100%)
Psychic Positive

Detect Trap (Supernatural) IV:
Locate Psionic Well IV

Movement (Object) II:
Psychokinesis II

Use Item (Crystal Ball) II: (Object Ownership)
Remote Viewing II

Level 9:

Read Aura (Influence) II:
Psychometry II

Communication (Distance - Limited - Ally) II:
Omen II

Weapon Training: Fist Weapon II (Martial) +4 attack
Katar II

Detect Enemy IV: (Free Action)
Gallu - (Intelligent)

Detect Magic (Type) IV:
Psychic Negative

Boost I: Class Enemy
Boost Critical (vs Class Enemy) I

Level 10:

Create Terrain (Unsteady) II:
Touch of the Ancients II

Summon (Object) IV:
Summon (Object) Improved

Energy Substitution IV: (detect 100%)

Boost (Stealth) II:
Astral Cloak II

Negate Terrain (Unsteady) IV:
Steady Countenance IV

Crafting Bonus I (Artificer): +5 artificer
Planetouched I

Level 11:

Detect Enemy IV: (Free Action)
Possessor - (Random)

Detect Magic (Type) IV:

Training (Combat) II:
3 attacks total

Fast Warding (Occult) II: +10 to criticals
Circle of Astral Protection II

Healing (AOE) II: +20
Spirits of the Fallen II

Level 12:

Energy Substitution IV: (detect 100%)
Mystical Power

Training (Healing - Special) II:
Altered State II

Attack II: Medium (Special - Familiar +50% damage)
Claws of Mist II

Attack Training II (Perfect - Follow Up - +20 +effect)
Phantom Attack II

Level 13:

Detect Enemy IV: (Free Action)
Evil Spirit - (Random)

Detect Magic (Type) IV:
Occult Energy

Defense III: (Passive) Extended Range (only)

Astral Shell III (+30) - Defense (Lethal)
Shield of Mist III (+30) - Defense (Non-Lethal)

Attack II (Chosen Enemy):
Chant of the Ancients II

Level 14:

Energy Substitution IV: (detect 100%)
Astral Light

Devastating Attack I: +40
Angelic Blade I

Combat Buff II: (Defensive - Free Action)
Astral Shield II
- (+20 to AC for attack - 1 per combat)

Training II: +15 to perception
Mind's Eye II

Level 15:

Locate II: Class Contact
Locate Ancestral Guardian II (Rare)

Detect Enemy IV: (Free Action)
Slaugh - (Random)

Detect Magic (Type) IV:
Astral Darkness

Divination IV: Object Location
Dowsing IV

Level 16:

Summoning Item II (Special): Spiritwall IV (Component)
Summon Golden Flower II (Astral)

Training (Combat) III:
4 attacks total

Crowd Control (Personal) IV:
Spiritwall IV

Level 17:

Special Ward (Teleport) II:
Planar Warding II (Teleport)

Creation IV: Weaken Object +40 critical / +40% damage
Disrupt Aura IV

Group Movement II: Hover
Siddhi II

Level 18:

Ambush IV: +40 Ambush
Phasing Strike IV

Combat Buff II (Ally Healing): +20 critical heal (1R)
Focus Heart Chakra II

Combat Training II: Attack - Flank - Blunt (S): (81+)
Enveloping Spirits II

Level 19:

Item Use II (Combat):
Attune Planar Crystal II

Locate II (Special Contact - Ancestral):
Spirit Guidance II

Level 20:

Use Item II: Psionic Crystal II (Yellow) (: +10 to Supernatural Saves)

Training I:
Alerteness I - (+10 on saves vs ambush)

Cure Fear II (Self): Additional Save +10
Chant of the Astral Dragon II

Level 21:

Combat Training III (Attack - Close - Martial):
Astral Soulblade III

Enhancement IV (Health - Planes Only): +120 Health
Planar Aura IV:

Stances II: (Attack)
Offensive Stance II

Training (Combat) IV:
5 attacks total

Cause Fear IV (Single):
Chant of Bhaya (Cause Fear)

Level 22:

Combat Training III (Attack - Close - Martial):
Astral Soulblade III

Gathering Bonus (Herbs) II: +10
Auadhi II

Level 23:

Creation V (Shelter):
Planar Oasis V

Training II:
Mind of the Void II: (+20 to saves vs daze)

Level 24:

Stances II: (Increase Armor Defense)
Defensive Stance II

Training III: +20 to perception
Mind's Eye III

Level 25:

Special Creation II (Protection - Etching):
Engraved Runes of Protection II

Activate Class Totem I:
Activate Ancestral Totem I