Medieval Fantasy RPG -

Katar II (Pierce)
Style: Combat
Efficiency: Uncommon
Critical: Uncommon (91-00)
Attack Bonus: Efficiency +4
Damage: 4/6/12 Fist
Ability Type: Training II Fist (Martial)
Range: Close (5’)
Sacrifice: No
Duration: Instant
Time: One attack action
Area of Effect: One 5' square
Focus: One weapon of sufficient quality and PL
Target: One creature
Resistance: No
Uses: Damage
Limits: Attacker must have sufficient room to swing a large weapon and have their hands free.

Effect: Attack II (Fist)

Attacks: Katar Fist II - Martial (Lethal)
+50/4 - Slice II
+25/6 - Reverse Strike II
+0/12 - Spinning Back Fist II

Attacks: Katar Fist II - Martial (Non-Lethal)

+50/4 - Channeling (Azu) II
+25/6 - Channeling (Tulita) II
+0/12 - Channeling (Zakti) II

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