Angelus Character Class

angelus class eternus rpgWildcaster: They hold great knowledge of the spirit of the wilds inculding the realm of nature, elemental forces, hostile and benevolent natural spirits, weather, and other such things that are beyond the reach of everyday folk. Invested with momentous gifts from God, the wildcaster provides spiritual guidance and leadership to the people of the wild areas of Eternus, and gives them strength and succor in times of peril.

Wildcasters are quite different from an angelus. Instead of relying on prayerbooks, staffs, holy water or other items they rely only on faith and on powerful holy runes drawn on their bodies. In appearance they are similar to tattoos but their power is drawn from divine energies. A Wildcaster can add more as they advance in levels going well beyond what is available with a traditional tattoo. These holy sigils allow them to cast certain spells, use powers, and boost their abilities. Wildcasters have extremely versatile powers and adapt to many different situations.

Excellent saves / excellent spell selection / health boosts / Rune Armor / immune to poison effects / best magic item creation (self only) /

Specialty: Extremely Versatile / Tattoo (rare rune creation skills for allies) / Most powerful ability boosting spells / Explosive Runes (martial) / Powerful attacks against summoned creatures / Enhance Weapons / Enhance Armor /