Woodland Avenger Class

ancestral guardian class eternus rpgWoodland Avenger: Of all the lands of Blackstone, the woodlands are perhaps the most pure and unspoiled. The power of this untouched land courses through you, exhilarating and humbling, and you stand proud to protect its plants, animals, resources and those who live in harmony with nature. Of all the enemies of the woodland, it is the vicious Corruptor who earns your most vengeful wrath. With their wanton destruction of life, their very presence scorches the woodlands. For countless generations, the Woodland Avengers have lived in harmony with the land. You draw on this power with every rising sun to battle back against the forces of unnatural destruction. A Woodland Avenger gains access to many spells that affect plants and animals, but the class offers other potent spells and useful powers as well.

Excellent animal companions / Best overall saves / Excellent spell selection / Excellent nature powers /

Specialty: Transformation powers / best animal and plant spells / powerful purification spells / weather spells / stone spells / powerful lightning spells / Powerful combat spells / Corruptor Bane Weapons /