Magical Item (Neck)

Orb of Silentiumneck scrying protection
Efficiency: Uncommon +6 (100c)
Slot: Neck

Item Training: No
Quantity: 1
Type: Necklace (Uncommon)
Value (x20) / Rarity (x2): 8 Pa

Weight: Varies by item
Durability: Uncommon

Creator: Sage (Uncommon)
Aura: Artisan
Magical Mark: by Artist
Concealment: Uncommon Invisibility and Visibility (at Will

Normal Uses: +25 to Resist Scrying | Detect Scrying |
Special Uses: Charge (Instant): Diverging Orbs - Upon detecting a scrying attempt you can choose to attack the person scrying one time before the connection is severed. If successful it does devastating damage and paralyzes them for one round and marks them so that if you see them in person while wearing the orb they will be surrounded by a green and black swirling aura.


Description: These necklace has a large swirling glass orb with moving glowing globs of multicolored liquid inside.

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