Magical Item (Metallurgist's Weapon)

shield of greywildeShield of Greywilde
Efficiency: Rare +15 (100c)
Slot: Held

Item Training: Yes
Quantity: 1
Type: Magical Item
Value (x20) / Rarity (x2): 4 Au

Weight: 2.3 lbs
Durability: Uncommon

Creator: Metallurgist (Uncommon)
Aura: Artisan
Magical Mark: by Artist
Concealment: Uncommon Invisibility and Visibility (at Will

Normal Uses: +15 to defense (On Readied Shield Only)
Special Uses:


Description: This large metal shield is Elven in design and appears to be carefully and intricately designed and crafted. Inside these is elven symbols burned into quality hide.

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