The Lands of Eternus - Political Divisions

Lands of Eternus Political DivisionsThe Southern Kingdom - The Southern Kingdom is an alliance of provinces in the south of Eternus. They wear silver armor with a golden lion on the chest and are vicious defenders of their territory.

The Northern Kingdom - The Northern Kingdom is an alliance of provinces in the north of Eternus. They wear white armor with an eagle on the chest and are vicious defenders of their territory.

Political Conditions - Both Kingdoms consist of a decentralized authority overseen by dukes and duchesses of each privince. The leaders choose their representatives from each township that set and control the laws in that section of the kingdom. Each province and city have their own laws and methods of enforcement, most of them vicious and brutal.

Political Divisions of EternusCitizenship with the Kingdoms - Both kingdoms were closed to all outsiders after the disappearance of the Grand Duke and both Kingdoms are very suspicious of those from the “Outworld”. To enter one of the kingdoms you must become a citizen. Becoming a citizen of one Kingdom means that you can almost never become a citizen of the other.

Longrest - This is the name for the areas between the two Kingdoms. This is a sort of no mans land where resources and other items are considered up for grabs. Groups of soldiers from the kingdoms often fight in this area.

Resources - The two Kingdoms control most of the precious mineral resources in Eternus. To make sure that no one gets a leg up in resources the kingdoms fight fiercely for control of them especially in the area known as the Longrest.

Crafting - It is nearly impossible to become a good aligned crafter without building a friendly relationship with either one of the Kingdoms. It is very difficult to gain the trust of one of the Kingdoms and is nearly impossible to gain the trust of both. The thieves and assassins guilds hold a powerful influence on both of the guilds causing prices of crafting materials to skyrocket.

Code of EternusThe Code of Eternus - Under an agreement known as the Code of Eternus the Kingdoms of Alba, the Dragonlands, and Hibernia are able to trade with both the Southern and Nothern Kingdoms in exchange for non-military resources and other allowed items.

Alba - The lands of Alba are in the Northwestern part of Eternus and are connected to the Northern Kingdoms by a land bridge. The lands of Alba are loyal to the Council of York (Northern Kingdoms) but are able to trade with the Southern Kingdoms under the Code of Eternus.

The Dragonlands - The Dragonlands are in the south-west part of costal Eternus. The have traditionally stayed neutral in the wars of the Kingdoms. The forests of the Dragonlands are under the control of a powerful and militant group of druids who have a long standing agreement that anyone can harvest timber in the forest as long as two trees of the same type are planted for every one cut.

Hibernia - The island of Hibernia is on the southern coast across from the shores of the Dragonlands. The lands of Hibernia are loyal to the Council of Winchester (Southern Kingdoms) but are able to trade with the Northern Kingdoms under the Code of Eternus. The elves of Hibernia trade equally with the Kingdoms with goods being shipped through of the Dragonlands.

Nobles - Each province is run by a noble person or family and each has their own particularities. Nobles can be anything from kind to cruel.

Rumors - Many of these nobles are evil and in league with organized crime. Rumors are that local barons are behind the purchases of homes and businesses from the poor who cannot pay their taxes.

Villages and towns - The large cities and other areas of the kingdom are generally despised by the magistrates of the local rural townships and villages outside the city. In the absence of strong authority the cities have begun to spread out and to encroach on their timber, mining and many other natural resources of the region.