Games of Eternus

cuture games cards dragon kingsAces - Also called Aces To The Center, Deuces To The Left, Fives To The Right. This fascinating dice game is very popular in the Far East particularly in Fudokan and its islands. In high stake games the players each possess their own lavish and extravagant cups bearing their names.

How to Play: Any number can play and each player must have a dice cup and five dice. Each player throws five dice and the player throwing the highest poker hand (Ace is high and 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2 represent King, Queen, Jack, Ten and Nine respectively) takes any seat and is the first
shooter; the player throwing the second highest hand sits on his left and shoots second; and so on. Tying players shoot again.

The first shooter begins by throwing five dice. Each thrown die that shows an Ace is placed in the center of the playing surface; all Deuces are passed to the player on his left; all dice showing Fives to the player on his right. The player continues to throw until he either fails to throw an Ace, 2 or 5 or until he has no more dice left. It then becomes the turn of the next player on his left who has dice to throw.

Players who have no dice left remain in the game because other dice may pass to them from the other players at any time.

Last Ace - When all but one die have been placed in the center the player throwing the last Ace with the last die is declared the loser. When played for drinks the loser pays the check. When played for a wager the player throwing the last Ace is declared the winner and takes the pot.

Cheating - This game is almost impossible to cheat because dice such as shapes and loads would give the cheater no advantage because the dice pass from one player to another. On his own throw with the last die, a cheater might switch in a mis-spotted die that lacked an Ace so that he could not throw an Ace and lose. But, since the players on the left and right usually grab the die when a 2 or 5 is thrown, it would be almost impossible to switch it out again.