Games of Eternus

cuture games cards dragon kingsHeist - This is one of the simplest of games. Usually played for high stakes,

Playing Time: A few seconds to determine the outcome of a bet between a player and the Banker. The game may be played for as long as there are players with sufficient funds and enthusiasm.

Number of Players: Any number can play. "Heist" is a head-to-head contest between the Banker and each player, but the action is fast enough to accommodate a large group.

Number of Dice: Two.

Equipment: Chips or coins for betting; dice cup is optional.

Object of Game: To make a higher cast than the Banker.

To Start: The Banker is usually the person providing the game. Sometimes when played without a specific banker people take turns.

How to Begin - The players place their bets in the center of the playing area and the Banker covers all bets. A House
limit on the size of a player's wager may be enforced.

The Play: The Banker makes the first cast. The player to the Banker's left then has one roll to see if he can beat the Banker. The player whose cast produces the highest total wins. In case of a tie, the Banker wins.

Play proceeds clockwise, with the Banker making a separate roll against each player.In each case, the Banker rolls first; then the player.

If the Banker's cast produces boxcars (6-6), he has an unbeatable cast and the player does not throw.

If a player's cast produces 6-6, the Banker pays off at double the amount of the player's bet.

The role of Banker passes clockwise, with each player enjoying an opportunity to act as Banker for a round of play by his opponents.

The Banker's advantage lies in his winning of ties. In a social game, this advantage is equalized by the passing of the Bank.

Remarks: As played at store counters, rules for "Heist" vary slightly from place to place, and the Banker's advantage varies accordingly. It averages about 10%.

VARIANT A: The Banker pays off automatically when he rolls 1-1. This actually increases the Banker's edge slightly (to $112 from 1,296 bets), as the player does not get to throw and thus has no chance to collect a double payoff by casting 6-6.

VARIANT B: The Banker pays off automatically if he throws either 1-1 or 1-2.This variant reduces the Banker's advantage to about 9 percent.

VARIANT C: The Banker wins automatically if he casts either 1-1 or 6-6. This variant increases the Banker's advantage to around 16 percent.