Games of Eternus

cuture games cards dragon kingsSuicide- Card game involving suicide kings and 9 other cards. Win by beating the other person on three ten siders rolls in a row.) 2 people only. Sometimes very long game sometimes very short. Play for semi high stakes. 40 to 4k SD Originated at the Bucket. Roll a ten sider always and a 4 sider if needed. 10 is card 4 is suit. Cards are replaced and the deck is shuffled after each draw by same person who drew.

Roll of 10 is a suicide king (no reroll) counts as two wins.
Queen of suit 9 (1 hearts 2 diamonds 3 clubs 4 spades) Ties decided by suit.
Jack of suit 8
Reroll sevens after doubling pot.
6 of suit
5 of suit to 2 of suit.
1 – Wildcard (clown) add +1 and roll again. Wildcard followed by a suicide king is an automatic win unless other does same.

Note: If possible get real cards to play need 4 wildcards so 2 decks.