Games of Eternus

cuture games cards dragon kingsSwords – The players wear masks but are rumored to be made up of the most powerful movers and shakers and featuring a cast of powerful people of both of good and bad alignment all vying for a single item that is the prize of the event. The entry fee is steep. The rumor is that anyone the plays it without permission of the thieves guild is cursed to suffer and then die horribly. Few know that the game is notoriously crooked and played mostly by thieves looking to bilk wealthy victims. Only those with real skill and daring can compete.

Play: Swords is played identically to Texas Holdem except there is one joker (crossed swords) that acts as a wildcard. The play is tournament style and can vary from game to game.

Dragon Kings can only be played by secret invitation once a player has proven himself or herself in Swords.