Games of Eternus

cuture games cards dragon kingsTraps - This game, played with four eight sided dice. It can be played with any number of players, each of whom contributes equally to the pot and each of whom has four throws with the dice. Each player plays as follows:

On the first throw, the highest die must be set aside, and the three others retained for another roll. On the second roll, the higher die is kept and the lower is used for the third roll. When the two low dice are equal, one must be used for the next roll and the other kept. After the fourth throw, the player's total is the sum of the four dice.

Ties - In the case of a tie the tying players must roll again just as before until a winner is determined.

36 - Thirty six is a perfect score and can only ne tied. In some games when a player scores a 36 the remaining players must pay them double the pot (each).