Languages of Eternus (Eternal)

Ace - cool

All right, mate? - (Southern) Hello, how are you? Reponse: All right?

Any road - Up north (where they talk funny!!) instead of saying anyway, they say "any road"! Weird huh?

Arse - the same as ass, but is much ruder. It is used in phrases like "pain in the arse" (a nuisance) or I "can't be arsed" (I can't be bothered) or "Arse about face" - doing something back to front.

Barmy - crazy

Beastly - really nasty or unpleasant

Belt up - shut up

Bespoke - created especially for someone

Best of Eternus - good luck

Blast - An exclamation of surprise Also "bugger and blast"!

Bleeding - An alternative to the word bloody and also "bleeding hell" or "not bleeding likely"

Blimey - Another exclamation of surprise

Blinding - fantastic

Blinkered - narrow minded

Bloody - swear word used to describe something

Blooming - alternative to the word bloody used in mixed company

Bob's your uncle - added to the end of sentences to say and that's it

Bollocks - Swear word used to describe something that is no good like that's bollocks or something the best in which case you would say it was the dog's bollocks.

Costs a Bomb - really expensive

Brassed off - Pissed off

Brill - cool

Cheeky - smart arse

Cheerio - goodbye

Clear off - get lost

Crikey - exclamation of surprise

Daft - stupid

Dishy - good looking

Dodgy - not to be trusted

Dog's bollocks - really fantastic

Drop a clanger - saying something horrendously embarrassing

Duff - junk

Fancy - you like or want something

Filch - steal

Fortnight - Two weeks

Full monty - going the whole way

Gen - information. If you have the gen then you know what is going on

Gen up - To research a subject

Gormless - someone who has absolutely no clue

Hard lines - bad luck

At the Duke's pleasure - put in prison with no release date

Hiya - friendly way of saying hello

Jammy - lucky

Leg it - run for it

Lurgy - ill

Mate - friend or chum

Mug - gullible

Nice one! - good job

Nick - to steal or get caught "nicked"

Nosh - Food

Off your trolley - raving bonkers, crazy, mad

What are you on about? - what are you talking about?

One off - special or a one time event

Pear shaped - If something has gone pear shaped it means it has become a disaster

Piece of cake - easy

Pissed - drunk

Porridge - serving time in prison

Posh - high class

Prat - mildly insulting name for someone, rude

Pull - looking for the opposite sex

Row - argument

Rubbish - garbage to you, also talking rubbish.

Scrummy - good food

Send-up - make fun of someone

Sixes and sevens - a mess

Skive - evade something

Slag - To slag someone off is to bad mouth them in a nasty way

Smart - well dressed.

Smashing - terrific

Snookered - screwed

Sorted - fixed a problem

Starkers - stark naked

Takes the biscuit - out-does everything else

Tickety-boo - going well

Twee - quaint

Twit - more polite word for idiot

Two finger salute - When you stick up two fingers with your palm toward you it is the same as flipping someone off

Well -used to accentuate other words. Something really good might be "well good"