Champion Class

Champion Class Eternus RpgDreigiau: Dreigiaus are a powerful group of ancient dragon riders that are part of a long and noble tradition and represent the perfect symbiosis of man and animal. Using the knowledge of nature and the force of their mind Dreigiaus become one with their mount allowing for amazing feats derived from their combined force and ability. Long a source of fear and loathing in many of the evil factions the sight of a line of Dreigiaus streaming into battle riding tigers, stallions, griffons, wyverns and some even riding dragons has been known to strike fear into the hearts of the enemy. The bond between rider and mount is blurred as they trade abilities and combine their forces allowing for a unique and powerful group of spells and devotions.

Attack Type: Striker - A striker can do a lot of damage quickly but they tend to have slightly or much less than average armor class, and are moderately to very slow (heavy) when moving. They are typically limited to a certain range and are very deadly in that range.

Excellent animal companions / Good saves / Excellent steam powers / excellent power selection / excellent defensive skills / excellent attacks / excellent Health / fills many roles / Best Damage in Game /

Specialty: Unusual Riding Mounts / Shared Mount Armor / Wild Charge / Planar Familiars / Crystal Chain Dagger / Share Abilities with familiars / Enhanced Perception /