Champion Class Powers

Champion Powers (PC1) List by Level

medieval fantasy rpg itemsLevel 1:

Training (Special: Mount) II:
Mounted Combat II

Stance (Covering) II:
Take Cover II

Training IV (Languages):
Linguistics IV

Heavy Armor II:
Heavy Shield II:
Large Slashing Weapon II:

Large Slashing Attack IV (Medium Range) +8 attack bonus
Quicksilver Strike IV

Special Enhancements II:
Champion's Constitution II: +40 Health

Defense: AOE
Shield Defense - Defense (Lethal)
Summon Courage - Defense (Non-Lethal)

Energy Substitution IV: (detect 100%)

Read Aura:
100% - Detect PL (Free)
100% - Detect Soul (Free)
100% - Detect Alignment (Free)

Combat Training (Class Weapon) II:
Austere Engraved Lance of Honor II

Noncombat Buff IV (Boost Perfect):
Inspirational Devotion IV

Level 2:

Summon II (Shield): Instant
Summon Shield II

Enhancement (Influence I): +10 petition / +10 reason
Words of Wisdom I

Detect Energy Type IV

Energy Substitution IV: (detect 100%)

Enhancements II (Alertness): +40
Vigilance II

Combat Buff II (Defensive - Party - Buff):
Bolster Defense II

Summon II:
Summon (Class Weapon) II

Level 3:

Creation IV (Temporary Barrier):
Bulwark of Defense IV

Locate Safe Haven II:
Find Safe Haven II

Training II: +10% to all reputation (party)
Renown II

Stance (Protecting) IV:
Protective Countenance IV

Detect Magic (Type) IV:

Detect Enemy IV: (Free Action)
Deceiver (Intelligent)

Level 4:

Stances I: (Attack)
Offensive Stance I

Locate Follower I (Common):
Inspirational Plea I

Training II (Class Weapon - Lance): +10 to Crit when Galloping
Austere Engraved Lance of Honor II

Mounted Attack II: +20 attack / +20% damage / +20 crit
Charging Strike II

Attack II (Single Fast) / Cure Fear II (Party):
Call of Valor II

Boost I:
Boost Critical I (Dazed)

Boosts I:
Boost Armor I

Locate I: Class Contact
Locate Champion I (Uncommon)

a champions armorLevel 5:

Training (Combat) I:
2 attacks total

Leadership Stance IV:
Poised Countenance IV

Creation (Temporary Weapon) IV: +4 damage
Call of the Champion IV

Attack II (Single Fast: 10 pts) / Cure Health II (+5 Party):
Call to Victory II

Recovery II (Effect):
Recovery (Entranced) II

Cause Fear (Group) IV:
Defiance IV

Defense IV: Extended Range (Only) +40
Crouching Shield Defense IV - Defense (Lethal)
Triumphant Aura IV - Defense (Non-Lethal)

Level 6:

Boost I:
Boost Attack I

Energy Substitution IV
: (detect 100%)
Golden Aura

Training (Mounted) III:
Expert Rider III (Bonus: +30 to running, charging, and jumping when riding a horse and appropriate)

Combat Training (Attack) III: Line +12
Advancing Charge III

Locate I: Regional Contact
Locate Regional Leader I (Uncommon)

Level 7:

Detect Enemy IV: (Free Action)
Bloodsworn - (Random)

Detect Magic (Type) IV:
Shadowed Aura

Attack II (Limited - Soul):
Petetioning of Souls II

Leadership Stance III: (Riding OOC x3 / Self x4)
Lead the Charge III

Buff Combat (Limited - Party Member in Neg Health) II:
Rally II

Enhancement (Social) II: +20 challenge / +20 flatter
Negotiate II

Level 8:

Enhancement (Limited Combat): +10 in joust or Meleegravee
Honor on the Field II

Leadership Stance II: (Military Combat +10)
Synchronized March II

Energy Substitution IV: (detect 100%)
Divine Chorus

Combat Buff (Single Attack - Limited) II: +20 att / +20 crit
Yaulp II

Detect Attitude II:
Test the Waters II

Summon Armor II:
Combat Attire II

champion on horseback charging into combatLevel 9:

Training (Combat) II:
3 attacks total

Create Aura (Influence) II:
Golden Aura of Light II

Training II Range (Long):
Long Range Attack II

Combat Training (Attack) II: Long +4 attack
Longbow II

Detect Enemy IV: (Free Action)
Summoner - (Intelligent)

Detect Magic (Type) IV:
Infernal Dirge

Soothing Words I: (Instant) You heal an ally 50 or 100 health.

Level 10:

Share Energy II (Party):
Surge of Comradery II

Combat Training (Attack) II: AOE +4
Whirling Blade II

Energy Substitution IV: (detect 100%)

Enhancement II (Sleep):
Unfettered Nerve II

Emergency Healing IV (Self):
Noble Alms IV

Negate Terrain (Crowded) IV:
Fluid Movement IV

Level 11:

Boost II: Class Enemy (+20)
Boost Critical II

Detect Enemy IV: (Free Action)
Deceived - (Random)

Detect Magic (Type) IV:
Droning Whispers

Enhancement II (Negative Health):
Unshakable Devotion II

Level 12:

Energy Substitution IV: (detect 100%)
Harmonic Resonance

Attack II (Chosen Enemy):
Cry of Vengeance II

Attack II: (Touch) +5 attack
Halbschwart II

Training II: Weapon Manipulation
Close Long-sword Training II

champions engraved lance of honorLevel 13:

Training (Combat) III:
4 attacks total

Detect Enemy IV: (Free Action)
Tainted - (Random)

Detect Magic (Type) IV:

Leadership Stance II: +10 pursuit
Lead the Chase II

Devastating Attack I:
Called Shot I

Level 14:

Energy Substitution IV: (detect 100%)
Words of Truth

Enhancement II: (Defensive - Shield)
Two-Weapon Defense II

Locate Follower II (Uncommon):
Inspirational Plea II

Locate II: Class Contact
Locate Champion II (Rare)

Level 15:

Detect Enemy IV: (Free Action)
Blacksoul - (Intelligent)

Detect Magic (Type) IV:
Venemous Spite

Combat Buff IV (Resist Fear): Champion - Immune / P +40
Unflinching Courage IV

Level 16:

Enhancement II (Nourishment):
Hardened Constitution II

Taunting (Single Target) IV:
Challenge of Honor IV

Level 17:

Special Bond (Familiar) III:
Falconry III

Attack III (Limited - Soulless):
Cataclysmic Strike III

Large Blunt Weapon Training III
Warhammer III

Level 18:

Combat Buff II (Party): +2 healing powers and items
Devoted Inspiration II

Leadership Stance III: +3 attack / +3 damage
Coordinated Attacks III

Enhancement III (Limited Combat): +15 joust / Meleegravee
Honor on the Field III

Level 19:

Enhancements III (Alertness): +15
Vigilance III

Training III Range (Long):
Long Range Attack III

Combat Training (Attack) III: Long +6 attack
Longbow III

Level 20:

Stances II: (Attack)
Offensive Stance II

Share Energy III (Party):
Surge of Comradery III

Enhancement (Influence II): +20 petition / +20 reason
Words of Wisdom II

Level 21:

Locate II: Noble Contact
Locate a Noble Patron II (Rare)

Mounted Attack III: +6 attack / +3 damage / +15 knockback
Charging Strike III

Training (Combat) IV:
5 attacks total

Combat Buff II (Self - Special):
Battle Rage II

Level 22:

Combat Buff (Single Attack - Limited) III: +30 att / +30 crit
Yaulp III

Combat Buff III (Defensive - Party - Free Action):
Bolster Defense III

Level 23:

Combat Training (Attack) IV: Line +16
Advancing Charge IV

Training III: +15% to all reputation (party)
Renown III

Level 24:

Stances II: (Increase Armor Defense)
Defensive Stance II

Defense III (Ally - Special): Free Action
Targeted Defense III

Level 25:

Large Slashing Attack V (Medium Range) +12 attack bonus
Quicksilver Strike V

Activate Class Totem I:
Activate Ancient Statue I

Level 29:

Rare Skill Tree (Gildon: Relentless Path): Break Barricade | Search | Planar Casting | Medic (H) |

Rare Powers:

Combat Buff (Single Attack - Limited) III: +30 att / +30 crit
Yaulp IV

Combat Training (Attack) II: AOE +15
Whirling Blade III

Mounted Attack III: +6 attack / +3 damage / +15 knockback
Charging Strike IV

Attack II: (Touch) +5 attack
Halbschwart III