Magus Arcanum Class

magus arcanum class eternus rpgOutrider: The outrider offers a potent combination of stealth, speed, and fighting ability. A well-played outrider can ferret out danger, strike swiftly and then vanish, and perform many other feats of daring. Like the shadow warrior, the outrider offers a useful array of abilities. outriders go through intense training in order to become intensely aware of their surroundings. They are trained to be alert and they use all of their senses to their fullest. outriders are in great demand and can find work in many areas, as a scout for an army, a stealthy infiltrator, a reconnaissance specialist, or a guide specializing in wilderness or other terrain.

Excellent hit points / Excellent AC / Excellent melee and range combat skills / Good fortitude and reflex saves / Good initiative bonuses / Excellent stealth bonuses / excellent perception bonuses / sneak attack /

Specialty: Best Tracking / long range attacks (sniping) / Fast Hiding (quickened) / Favored weapons / power critical backstab / Strength Bow at 1st level (martial) / Favored Terrains /