Magus Arcanum Powers

Class Powers List by Level

medieval fantasy rpg itemsLevel 1:

Training (Special):
Activate Magic Item IV

Light Armor II:
Light Shield II:
Rod of Power (Long) II:

Stance (Covering) II:
Take Cover II

Noncombat Buff III (Self): +60 Health
Mystical Energy Field III

Attack II (Long): Class Weapon (+20% damage)
Mystical Words of Power II

Creation II (Special Combat Item):
Elemental Glowstone II

Defense: AOE
Sonic Barrier II - Defense (Lethal)
Arcane Bulwark II - Defense (Non-Lethal)

Energy Substitution IV: (detect 100%)

Read Aura:
100% - Detect PL (Free)
100% - Detect Soul (Free)
100% - Detect Alignment (Free)

Creation IV: (Magical Writing)
Runic Script IV

Training Appraisal II: +40
Discerning Eye II

Level 2:

Stances I: (Attack)
Offensive Stance I

Cover Tracks II (Magical Creation):
Circle of Concealment II

Detect Energy Type IV:

Energy Substitution IV: (detect 100%)
Arcane Magic

Stance (Intellect) IV:
Prescient Stance IV

Noncombat Buff II: (Armor Protection)
Runes of the Golden Aegis II

Combat Attack II: (Steal Special)
Ritual of Dislocation II

Level 3:

Attack (AOE) II: Healing (Limited)
Magikos Curatio II

Detect Enemy IV: (Free Action)
Dark Magus

Detect Energy Type IV
Eldritch Magic

Stances I: (Increase Armor Defense)
Defensive Stance I

Attack II (AOE): Class Weapon (+10 critical)
Orbus Arcanum II

Boost (Critical Substitution): +10
Boost Critical (Stun)

Level 4:

Combat Buff IV (Single Offensive):
Eyes of the Primeval IV

Boosts I:
Boost Armor I

Creation II: (Sound)
Call of the Doppelganger II

Training (Profession) II:
Astronomy II

Creation II: (Reinforce Object)
Shield of Runic Storm II

Enhancement I (Intellect): +10 to solve clues or riddles
Problem Solver I

Bonus Exploration Experience +10%:
Well-Traveled II

Enhanced Resistance I:
+5 to all resistance rolls (innate skill)

magus arcanum classLevel 5:

Training (Combat) I:
2 attacks total

Crowd Control (Personal) IV:
Shimmering Visage IV

Recovery II (Effect):
Recovery II (Stunned)

Locate I: Class Contact
Locate Magus Arcanum I (Uncommon)

Summoning II (Limited):
Summon Class Weapon II (Rod of Power)

Noncombat Buff - Negate Terrain (Underwater) IV:
Sigil of Breathlessness IV

Analyze Uncommon Magic Item II:
Mystical Myopia II

Level 6:

Creation (Object Transformation) II:
Transmogrify Object II

Energy Substitution IV: (detect 100%)
Arcane Text

Defense III: (Passive) Extended Range (only)
Runic Armaments III - (+30) Defense (Lethal)
Arcane Armaments III - (+30) Defense (Non-Lethal)

Summon Item III (Combat):
Arcane Ropework III

Limited Attack III (Long): (+30 attack - 1 per combat)
Runes of War III

Level 7:

Detect Enemy IV:
(Free Action)

Detect Magic (Type) IV:
Cursed Spell Fragments

Boost I:
Boost Attack I

Cause Fear (Group) III:
Abhorrence III

Illusion IV (Personal) Limited (Bonus: Ambush II)
Pyrotechnics IV

Attack II: Long (Chosen Enemy):
Mind Trap II

Level 8:

Leadership Stance II: (Crafting +10)
Overseer II

Healing / Damage II (Long):
Diametric Globes II

Energy Substitution IV: (detect 100%)
White Crystal Shards

Enhancement (Conceal Presence):
Mystical Shroud II

Enhancement II (One Instant Training up to II):
Quick Study II

Long Range Flanking Attack II (Blunt: Once per round): +30 crit Effect: Stunned II |
Globes of Seeking II

books of the magus arcanumLevel 9:

Training (Combat) II:
3 attacks total

Detect Enemy IV: (Free Action)
War Machine

Detect Magic (Type) IV:
Eldritch Gems

Boost I: Class Enemy
Boost Critical I

Negate Terrain (Unsteady) IV:
Equilibrium IV

Special Defensive II: Free Action
Reflective Barrier II

Crafting Bonus I (Any): +5
Curious Mind I

Level 10:

Cause Poison (Group) III:
Dragon's Breath III

Communication (Magical):
Read Glyphs and Runes II

Creation/Teleport Familiar:
Planar Haven II

Ambush II:
Phantasm II

Locate Place (Teleport Gem):
Attuned Senses II

Energy Substitution IV: (detect 100%)
Arcane Glow

Level 11:

Detect Enemy IV: (Free Action)

Detect Magic (Type) IV:

Eldritch Aura

Conceal Power Use II:
Ephemeral Casting II

Locate Contact II (Merchant):
Trade Negotiations II

Level 12:

Energy Substitution IV: (detect 100%)
Arcane Tracery

Movement II (Object):
Ritual of the Phantom II

Teleport Self II:
Circle of Power II

Warding (Enemy Movement):
Temporal Flux II

magus arcanum powersLevel 13:

Training (Combat) III:
4 attacks total

Training II: Combat Item
Wand of Power II

Attack (Extended) II: Magical Weapon (Wand of Power)
Wand of Power II

Offensive Combat Buff (Ally) IV:
Ritual of Vigor IV

Special Healing (Item):
Drain Magic Item II

Level 14:

Detect Enemy IV: (Free Action)

Detect Magic (Type) IV:
Black Ritual

Communication II (Unintelligent - One Way)
Analyze Behavior IV

Combat Buff II (Ally): Free action (+2 energy damage)
Arcane Focus II

Level 15:

Energy Substitution IV: (detect 100%)
Rituals of Light

Creation (Fire) II:
Lasting Flames II

Creation II (Protection - Elemental Critical)
Elemental Shield II

Enhancement II (Intellect): +20 to solve clues or riddles
Problem Solver II

Level 16:

Detect Magic (Type) IV:
Dark Ceremonies

Detect Enemy IV: (Free Action)

Level 17:

Training (Combat) IV:
5 attacks total

Teleport Group II:
Ritual of Summoning II

Create Personal Potential Concealment II (Self):
Aura of Shimmering Air II

Combat Buff II (Ally): Free action (+2 weapon damage)
Wailing Weapons II

Level 18:

Attack II: (Flanking)
Blindside II

Training Appraisal III:
Discerning Eye III

Movement II (Earth) / Alt (Attack - Earth)
Excavation II

Level 19:

Group Travel III (Evac):
Emergency Teleport III

Attack II: Special (+10 att / no criticals)
Mystical Arrows II

Level 20:

Locate Place IV (Canterbury, Kent)
Locate Titus Gem IV

Creation (Temporary Item): +1 damage (party)
Empowered Moonstone II

Item Use III: +30 to appraisal
Use Looking Glass III

Level 21:

Combo Attack II: (Finishing Move)

Healing/Armor Protection IV (Self - Emergency):
Magical Barricade IV

Stances II: (Attack)
Offensive Stance II

Finishing Move II:
Explosive Runes II

Combat Item (Small) Training III:
Use Arcane Scroll III

Combat Training III (Attack - Long):
Meteorite III

Level 22:

Stances II: (Attack)
Offensive Stance II

Targeted Detaunt IV: (Unintelligent)
Mind Warp IV

Level 23:

Attack III: Healing (Limited)
Magikos Curatio III

Stances II: (Increase Armor Defense)
Defensive Stance II

Level 24:

Enhancement II (Special): (See Invisibility)
Eyes of the Dragon III

Boosts II:
Boost Armor II

Level 25:

Special Creation II (Item - Etching):
Rune Etched Globe II

Activate Class Totem I:
Activate Enigma Globe I

Level 29:

Rare Martial Powers Tree (climbing, running, stealth, ambush, + talents)

Eyes of the Primeval V

Runes of War IV

Mystical Myopia III

Combat Attack II: (Steal Special)
Ritual of Dislocation III