Ritualist Class

Ritualist candlesStarwalker: You feel within yourself ancient rhythms, the cycle of the seasons, the pull of the tides, the dance of the stars, and the terrestrial stirrings of all living things. You bring the comfort of spring's warmth to those who respect nature and the fury of winter storms to those who would despoil it. You are part of an ancient and mystical order, raised to learn and to keep sacred the traditions, prayers, and incantations that celebrate the natural order of life. A Starwalker is a noble figure that reveres and worships God through their relationship and stewardship over the natural world. You are part of a druidic tradition that looks to the sky for inspiration, instruction, and benediction. In the endless swirling of the stars, you see signs of prophecy; in the flight of birds, you find resonance and harmony. While you are at peace with the earth and waters, it is the voice of the sky that speaks to you most clearly. The sun remains constant, as well as the moon and the stars, and the clouds and the winds. A Starwalker can not only influence animals and get along in the wild but also as they progress they gain additional abilities that improve their movement through natural terrain, and assume some animal forms increasing their other abilities in the process. The Starwalker spell list is packed with spells that manipulate energy or the natural world, heal, enhance abilities, defensive spells, spells that bolster allies, and summon aid. They can enhance their powers by drawing upon meteoric metal as a focus or spell component.

Excellent animal companions / Best overall saves / Excellent spell selection / Excellent nature powers / Excellent Perception /

Specialty: wild shape powers / best animal and plant spells / powerful meteorite spells / weather spells / Starlight Spells / Starsign Spells (Divination) / Detect Star Material (meteoric metal) / Focus Magic (Meteoric Metal) /