Sage's Crafting Materials

Empowered Parchment empowered parchment
Efficiency: Common +4 (100c)
Slot: Slotless

Item Training: Crafting (Common)
Quantity: 1
Type: Crafting Material
Value (x2) / Rarity (x1): 16 Ru

Weight: 1.0 lbs
Durability: Common

Creator: Sage
Aura: Uncommon / Regional
Magical Mark: None

Concealment: None

Normal Uses: Crafting Materials: Item Creation (At Will)
Special Uses: None
Limits: None
Effect: None

Critical: +0%

Description: This well made parchment can be etched with powers or other words of power. It is used by crafters to create items or make them easier to work with.

GM Notes
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