Sage's Crafting Materials

Independent Research independent research
Efficiency: Common +5 (100c)
Slot: Slotless

Item Training: No
Quantity: 4
Type: Research Material
Value (x2) / Rarity (x1): 2 Pa

Weight: 1.0 lbs
Durability: Common

Creator: Sage
Aura: Common / Regional
Magical Mark: None

Concealment: None

Normal Uses: Influence: Challenge +10 | Influence: Petition +10 |
Special Uses:
Limits: Must be made for specific subject |
Effect: None

Critical: (00) +10 additional bonuses

Description: This set of papers, diagrams and other relevant paperwork are organized into a neat binder. They are compiled by a sage to prove a particular point through reason and logic.

GM Notes
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