Medieval Items (Medium Armor)

Planar Capture Globesmedieval cloth armor
Efficiency: Uncommon +6 (100c)
Slot: Held

Item Training: No
Quantity: 100
Type: Magical Item
Value/Rarity (x2): 8 Pa

Weight: .01 lbs
Durability: Fragile

Aura: Planar
Magical Mark: Sage | Regional
Concealment: None

Creator: Sage

Normal Uses: Capture an evil planar enemy to harness their planar essence for uncommon magical items. (Once each)
Special Uses: None
Limits: None
Effect: Use to capture an evil planar enemy after they are knoced down to below 0 HP with lethal combat. Once used on an (evil) enemy they can imprison them until they can be turned in to local magical crafters or their guilds for a significant reward or used in a crafting recipe.

Critical: None

Description: These tiny clear glass globes are the size of small marbles and have a slight sparking red glow to them when held in the light when they are charged and ready to use. When they capture an evil enemy they turn bright the energy evil the gem captured.
: Rare or higher planar enemies cannot be captured with these gems.

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