Common Sage's Forge Tools

Sage's Forge Tools II sage's forge tools
Efficiency: Uncommon +6 (100c)
Slot: Held

Item Training: Crafting (Uncommon)
Quantity: See below;
Type: Tools
Value (x2) / Rarity (x1): 8Pa

Weight: 1.0 lbs
Durability: Common

Aura: Uncommon / Regional
Magical Mark: Varies

Concealment: No

Normal Uses: Tools: +1% Item Creation (At Will)
Special Uses: None
Limits: None
Effect: None

Critical: +1%

Description: These tools are needed by all crafters. Coal Fire Stones | Coal Ice Stones |
: This set gives +1 by itself. When partnered with other sets it is cumulative. So a full set of uncommon tools would give +8% crafting and critical.
GM Notes: xxxx