Nonmagical Items

adventurer's kit rucksacAdventurer's Kit: "An adventurer's kit is just the thing to take with you on those expeditions into unexplored ruins or the like. You never know what you will need on an adventure so take a few things along just in case."

Carried or Worn Items (2) (Total Carried weight – 31.8)
Cost: 2 Pa

Leather Backpack
Set of Jungle Clothes
Set of Desert Clothes
Parka, Waterproof
Robe, Cotton
Heavy Socks
Leather Gloves
Holy symbol, silver
Mirror, small steel
Box of chalk (Black Red blue yellow and white)
2 Torches, 30' radius, 10 minutes
Tinderbox 5cp (.1 lbs)
extra sacks Cloth, large, holds 300gp 4sp (2 lbs)
Book, Blank (10 pages) Papyrus 32gp (.2 lbs)
50’ coil of +2 rope (quick connected)

Hardpack: (+20 sleeping)
a) rough cloth bedroll
b) cloth 2 person tent
c) Soft bedroll (2 lbs)