Nonmagical Healing Items

Healing Items of EternusHealing Pack (Small) – This kit contains bandages spints and other basic healing items plus a healing herb pack - (labeled with effects and dosages pre-divided) that can be used with medical training.

Small - 4ru (.5 lbs)
a) 10 - Aloe - The leaf of Aloe applied to a wound, will double the natural healing rate of burns and minor cuts. 5 cp.
b) 10 - Purple Clusters - Black leaves can cure wounds if prepared properly (Heal 1-8) 5 gp each.
c) 10 - Silver Arcadia - A silver mercury like substance that grows in the center of an arcadia flower. It resembles a lily but larger with silver petals. It can help relieve burns instantly (1/2 damage) 5 sp
d) 2 - Arkasu - When the sap of the Arkasu plant is applied to wounds, it doubles the rate of healing. The effect is not cumulative. 12 gp.
e) 5 - Bursthelas Infusion – Brew will heal any fractured bones within the body within one to three hours. 1 sp each.
f) 1 - Dagmather – Brew will heal any damage caused by a concussion or brain damage that is capable of healing naturally over time. 6 gp.
g) 3 - Crystal resin - When rubbed on your skin it heals (3-18+ 7) only one can be used each day, healing is overnight. 5 g
h) 1 - White Lilly Roots for slowing the effects of poison. X10 5 gold
i) 10 - Bursthelas stalk - Astringent +2 to successful healing check 5 gp