Medieval Fantasy RPG -

Rope (per 20')
hemp - 1ru

Climbing Rope (per 20') - This 20’ coil of rope has quick connects on both ends so it can be extended by greater lengths
20' - 8ru

Climbing Belt - This belt attackes to the user and a climbing rope to give second save vs falling when climbing and the rope is anchored.
1 - 8ru

Anchors - These anchors attach to climbing ropes to anchor you in place. Note one is left in place per climbing check.
10 - 4 ru

Block and Tackle - All of these sets come with 50’ strong hemp rope and two hooks and one

100lb capacity - 3gp grasping carabinier.
200lb cap - 7gp
500lb cap - 15gp
1000lb cap - 25gp
1 Ton cap - 35gp

Bucket - 5sp