Games of Eternus (Dragon Kings)

cuture games cards dragon kingsDragon Kings: Dragon Kings can only be played by secret invitation once a player has proven himself or herself in the game of Swords. The players wear masks but are rumored to be made up of the most powerful movers and shakers and featuring a cast of powerful people of both of good and bad alignment all vying for a single item that is the prize of the event. The entry fee is steep. The rumor is that anyone the plays it without permission of the thieves guild is cursed to suffer and then die horribly. Few know that the game is notoriously crooked and played mostly by thieves looking to bilk wealthy victims. Only those of amazing skill and special training can hold their own in the game.

Note: Unless otherwise stated the rues of the game are the same as the rules to texas holdem.

Twinned Dragon Kings - Both Black Kings make an invulnerable hand called “twinned dragon kings” or more commonly just “dragon kings”. Twinned dragon kings hand is impossible to beat by any other hand including a royal straight flush. You can have both cards in your hand or one or more on the board. In the case of a board hand the kickers are scored from highest to lowest similar to a flush so the hand would go to the person with the highest kicker or pair combination to go with the hand.

Wild Cards and "Impossible Hands": The presence of wild cards in the game allow for formerly impossible hands such as five of a kind. In the case of a five of a kind it would not beat a straight flush but would beat quads.

Buy Ins – Buy ins are 400 points and typically one buy in is allowed per match but usually requires contributing more money. Points, prize terms and re-buys must be agreed upon by a majority of the players before play begins. Those who don't agree can leave the game at this time.

Misdeals - Misdeals are taken very seriously in Dragon Kings. Anyone who fouls a deal must place 40 points (chips) in the pot of the hand which is played for on the next deal.

Play Begins – The time and place are set in advance. The last person who arrives shuffles the cards. Anyone who is late cannot play. Draw until someone draws a black king then the person who does gets a 50 point bonus to their chips from the house and first deal. They also choose the first voluntary wing card to put in play. (See below) They also choose the first seat. The remaining players draw cards from the original deck for seats. High card starts on the left of the dealer and continues around clockwise from high to low.

First Honors – The first person (if any) to play twinned dragon kings is awarded first honors. They receive a 50 point bonus from the house. This bonus only applies to the first time they are played per game.

Changing the Wing Card – A person who plays twinned dragon kings may make a single voluntary wing card permanent for the rest of the game and put another voluntary wing card into play. (See below) If a second hand of twinned dragon kings is played the permanent and temporary cards from the first hand are negated and the second player chooses them as the first person did.

Wing Cards – Wing cards create a special effect when played. They are voluntary and involuntary (Dragon Kings) and their effects usually differ depending on whether they are on the board or in the hole. (See below)

Involuntary Wing Cards – The wing cards Grave Digger (Ks) and Black Death (Kc) are involuntary wing cards and are always in play and cannot be replaced by a voluntary wing card. Another single voluntary wing card can be made permanent if a person gets dragon kings. This card can only be replaced if another person gets Dragon Kings. Otherwise it is in effect till the end of the game.

Dealing Additional Cards - Some wing cards require dealing additional cards. These cards must come from the bottom of the deck. Special care must be taken because of the rule covering misdeals.

Wing Cards (Involuntary) Ks – King of Spades (Grave Digger): If a King of Spades appears on the board each board card directly next to it has its suit changed to spades. If a king of spades appears in someone’s hole cards it counts as two spades for the purposes of a flush. If the suit of the other card is already a spade then only two board spade cards are needed to make a flush. If not then three are required. Note: A spade flush featuring the grave digger CANNOT be beat by any other hand except for dragon kings (which is impossible since one of the cards is already in the players hand).

Wing Cards (Involuntary) Kc – King of Clubs (Black Death): If a King of Clubs appears on the board an additional two cards (a nest) are dealt. These two cards are set aside from the main board and cannot be played with the main cards. These two cards makes a separate hand with which the player can use their two hole cards to make the best possible four card hand, ties to be decided by suit. The winner of this separate hand receives half of the pot if there is at least one additional club on the board besides the King. If a king of clubs appears in someone’s hole cards they receive at least half the pot if three additional clubs appear either on the board or in their hand (other hole card) and on the board.

Voluntary Wing Cards – A voluntary wing card is a single card of specific suit and value that creates a special effect and can usually be chosen only from the ones below. (See voluntary wing cards below) Only one voluntary wing card can be put into play at one time. Once a new one is put into play the last one is negated unless the person has twinned dragon kings. (See Below) A person may put a voluntary wing card into play on the next deal after they have one of the black kings in their hole cards. This is done before the next deal begins. A person with twinned dragon kings can make one wing card permanent and chooses another to put into play.

Wing Cards (Voluntary) Kh - King of Hearts (Suicide King): If a suicide king (King of Hearts) appears on the board each player must receive a third card which can be played instead of one of the two original cards. These cards must come from the bottom of the live cards (see above). Of these three hole cards you can play two cards only. If a suicide king appears in someone’s hole cards then at any time before they bet the card can be played face up making it null and the person (only) receives two extra cards which can play as previous. (Play Two only)

Wing Cards (Voluntary) Kd - King of Diamonds (Gold Dragon): If a King of Diamonds appears on the board a gold chip is placed by the deal signaling that the antes are to be multiplied by x4 until the chip is negated (see below) at which time it returns to normal. If a king of diamonds appears in someone’s hole cards then they receive the gold chip that means they are not required to post their forced antes if they do not wish to play a hand until either the Kd is played on the board, someone gets dragon kings, or another player gets the card in their hand at which time they would receive the chip. They can also sacrifice the chip to call any bet without placing any chips in the pot after which the chip is null.

Wing Cards (Voluntary) Qh - Queen of Hearts (Queen of Chivalry):
When the queen of hearts is played on the board the card is in effect a wild card that can be changed by each player at showdown to any other denomination and suit not in the persons hand or on the board. When the queen of hearts appears as a hole card then the person can change the queen at showdown to any suit and/or denomination they choose except one in their hand or on the board and may also change their other hole card to a jack of hearts (summon a red knight) if they choose to do so but only if the jack of hearts is not already in play on the board.

Wing Cards (Voluntary) Qd - Queen of Diamonds (Queen of Avarice): When the queen of diamonds is played on the board the hand immediately stops and all players still in the hand draw a card from the remaining deck and the person who draws high card wins the pot. When the queen of diamonds appears as a hole card then if the person wins the hand everyone that didn't stay in the hand until showdown must pay them 20 points.

Wing Cards (Voluntary) Qc - Queen of Clubs (Queen of Vanity): When the queen of vanity appears on the board all players have the chance to turn in their 6x hole cards in for a random card from the bottom of the deck. If any six (6x) appears on the board with the queen then she is void but the 6x counts as a wild card. If the queen appears in your hand then at the players discretion the other hole card can turn into (also counts as) a suitless queen. If the other hole card is a 6x then it counts as a wild card.

Wing Cards (Voluntary) Qs - Queen of Spades (Queen of Chaos): When the queen of chaos appears on the board all players have must turn in one card in their hand and continue play with only one card then a battlefield is dealt (three cards from the bottom of the deck set aside). Any card that appears in the nest its same number becomes dead whether it is in the players hand or the board. If it is in your hand the other card in your hand is dead but if you win with the hand to showdown the other players must each pay you 50.

Wing Cards (Voluntary) Jack of Hearts (Knight of Mercy). If this card is in someone’s hand then they receive a chip (Token of Mercy) that will allow the player to buy back into the hand anytime before the cards are shown for half the pot. If the card appears on the board then each player gets paid 25 points by the bank. If One of the Dragon Kings appears on the board with it they receive 50 points. Both Dragon Kings and all players receive a full buy in from the bank.

Note: This chip can be sold to the bank for 100 points or to another player for any agreed amount if desired.

Wing Cards (Voluntary) Jd - Jack of Diamonds (Knight of Fortune): When the jack of diamonds appears on the board a special betting round begins where each player in the normal betting order must decide whether to call an amount equal to x2 the original pot or fold. Anyone who fold must put an amount equal to the pot in the pot as a penalty for folding. No additional raises can be made until this special round is over. Example there is a flop with a jack of diamonds. There are 20 chips in the pot. Each player must call forty or fold and place 20 chips in the pot starting with the SB around to the button. Afterwards the normal betting round resumes and players may raise check or fold as normal. If the jack of diamonds is in your hand you can play the card face up at any time before all bets for the river have been made and the final hands are shown. At the time if the card is played face up a special betting round begins where all opponents must call an amount equal to 1/3 the pot or fold. The card holder does not have to pay this extra bet.

Wing Cards (Voluntary) Jc –Jack of Clubs (Knight of War): When the jack of clubs appears on the board an additional card is dealt after the river betting round but BEFORE the cards are shown. This additional card can be played in anyone’s hand as normal. (5 cards max) No additional bets or raises can be made after this special round is over. If the jack of clubs is in your hand you can ask for this additional card to be played after the river but again only after all bets for the river have been made and BEFORE the final hands are shown. At this time if the holder desires the card is played face up and the additional card is dealt. Only a maximum of five board cards can play so one must not be used. Only the player with the card in the hole may use this additional card to make their hand.

Wing Cards (Involuntary) Js – Jack of Spades (Knight of the Void): If a Jack of spades appears on the board each player involuntarily has one their two cards of their choice negated and replaced with a card drawn from the deck. Each player chooses and discards one card face down and receives another card from the dealer and then the normal betting round resumes. If a jack of spades appears in someone’s hole cards then they can negate one card of their choice on the board on their turn after the flop at which time it is replaced with another card. At their option they can also have the jack replaced with a random card from the deck. The best five cards still play as usual.