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minotaur city of aegus Minos (Minotaur Lord)

Physical: They are very similar in appearance to a tyical human except that they have small white horns that protrude from the sides of their heads. Also in combat or when they use a racial power a ghostlike transparent white Minotaur appears behind them.

Architecture and Art: Minos culture is best known for its elaborate temples and mazes.

Capital: Aegeus

Culture: The Minos are a very intellectual culture that believe in preserving and creating great works of art and literature. They also take great pride in the creation of an extremely well designed maze or riddle.

Customs: Minos culture is very ancient and distinct from other cultures.

Enemies: Minotaurs

Etiquette: Minos people are extremely warm, welcoming and hospitable .

Faction Tokens: Symbol of Ingenuity

Foods: Most minos cuisine features generous use of olive oil, fried cheese, vegetables, and herbs.

Government: Minos people are experts in diplomacy and politics.

History: Minos people have a long and rich history that spans back into the beginnings of time. Unfortunately much of that history was lost when the royal libraries were pillaged and robbed during a Minotaur attack several hundred years ago.


Holy Places: Minos temples dot the landscape of many of the villages and towns of Eternus.

Honor: Their code of honor greatly values honesty, respect, integrity, fairness, love, dignity, character, nobility of soul, magnanimity, respect, and fidelity.

Languages: Common, Minos,

Laws: The Minos court system is considered the best in the Kingdom.

Leader: Queen Adonnia Marmara

Magic Type: Divine Labyrinth

Place of Origin: Lands Below:

Rituals: Minos teach that dancing is invented by the gods and therefore is it used in most of their religious ceremonies and celebrations.

Symbols: The Elven pointed star, a circular maze,

Weapon: Falcata

Weakness (Minotaur Energy Type): Infernal Maze

Minotaur Lord Abilities: