Armati Character Class

armati class eternus rpgNightrunner: A Nightrunner is a mysterious figure that reveres and worships God through their relationship with the natural world. They are the nighttime guardians of the forest, desert, marshes and all other natural terrains protecting and maintaining the delicate balance of nature under the cover of the night. Unlike a druid they use deception and stealth to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies that refuse to respect the balance of the natural world. Using the night they turn the forest against their enemies until they repent, flee in fear or are forced to make a mistake allowing for their defeat. A Nightrunner not only gains access to many spells that affect their ability to hide, track, ambush, and locate their enemies, but the class offers other potent spells and useful abilities as well. A Nightrunner can befriend a nighttime animal ally that trusts him or her implicitly. A Nightrunner not only dominates the natural landscape at night but also as they progress receive increased movement, can cast powerful attack and defense spells, and share many druid and rogue abilities making them a formidable opponent.

Good saves / Excellent feat selection / Excellent nature powers / Excellent initiative bonuses / Excellent stealth bonuses / excellent perception bonuses / sneak attack / excellent melee and range bonuses / Immune to flame /

Specialty: Best stealth near or in fire / Fast movement / mysterious / powerful camouflage spells / Stoneblade spells (range) / Nighttime Familiars / Fear Spells / Flame Daggers (Summoned martial weapons) /