Medieval Class Weapons (Eternus)

class weapons eternusCLASS WEAPONS - Class weapons can only be used by a specific class. They give the user +50 on critical chances against a class enemy. It also gives them +5 enhanced threat range on non-class enemies.

Class Weapons (Pierce):
Executioner's Kris: (Assassin)

Class Weapons (Blunt):
Scintillating Angelic Scepter: (Angelus)
Mystical Bejeweled Rod of Channeling: (Magus Arcanum)
Rune Etched Glass Grandstaff: (Ritualist)

Class Weapons (Fist):
Armored Gauntlet: (Armati)
Power Infused Gauntlets of Perfection: (Proeliator)

Class Weapons (Slashing):
Star Forge Empowered Soulblade: (Ancestral Guardian)
Katar: (Ancestral Guardian)
Azza: (Armati)
Ninjato: (Shadow Warrior)
Engraved Stone Sword of Challenge (Champion)
Silver Shadowed Kris Dagger (Shadow Warrior)