Medieval Fantasy RPG -

The Seven Isles – The Kingdom of Eternus is one of the seven isles and is the largest of the 46 known isles that make up the inhabited area. Transportation between the seven isles ranges from slow skiffs that can take 30 days or more, very fast ships that can take a couple of days, or for those that can afford it by dragon back which can take all of 25 minutes. The Seven Isles hold most of the people and some of the remaining isles are uninhabited or have a very low population. Others hold dangerous and powerful armies and enemies and powerful creatures. There are also many large islands that lie outside of Eternus.

1) Island of Eternus -

(2) Isles of Warbridge – Warbridge is actually a series of four closely placed islands named for its four powerful military forts built on opposite points on the Bay of Warbridge between the four islands. They are connected by four massive and heavily guarded underground tunnels known as the Warbridge that span the distance across the bay and meet in a central underground area known as the Court of Warbridge. They have been under assault for many years by the ships of the neighboring kingdom of Mogdan. The forts are protected by the Knights of Eternus who maintain control of the four cities as a part of their ancient duty to the fallen King of Eternus. It is reputed that someday the Kings heir will return and restore the Kingdom to its former glory. The Knights are excellent tacticians that have remained in control of the city despite being outnumbered 10 to 1. The thieves and assassins guilds hold a powerful influence on the trade of the city as well as most other guilds and etc in the main city. Due to the constant attack they are able to thwart the attempts by the Knights to root them out.

(3) Isle of Albion – The Isle of Albion is located to the west of Eternus and with the exception of Erin is the nearest island to Eternus. It is a beautiful place filled with steep hills and beautiful waterfalls. It is riddled with caves including several large cavern cities.

(4) Isle of Shattered Glass – The Isle of Shattered glass is actually a dormant volcano and its surface is covered in red glass. It is rumored that there are beautiful underground cities that lie beneath its surface. It is also rumored that a great forge lies somewhere on the island that can make powerful weapons out of the native glass. A few of the swords do exist and have made their way into the hands of local warriors and sometimes to an occasional merchant.

(5) Isle of Whitecrown – Whitecrown is a series of snow capped islands to the far north of Eternus.

(6) Isle of Mist – This Island is the spiritual home of the elves and can only be found by an Elf possessing a sacred Elven item and the blessing of the Oberon of their race.

(7) Dirgon – Dirgon is an island nation off the shores of Eternus. It is populated with several evil races that united into one nation and are bent on creating havoc and destruction for the people of Eternus. They send out great Deathships to capture the citizens of Eternus for use in almost unimaginable horrible rituals or to serven in the mines.

a) Mines of Dirgon – These mines used to be a ready source for materials providing jobs and much needed resources for the people of Eternus. The mines were abandoned after being being overrun by the Dirgon during the war of the two kingdoms and are now filled with prisoners that are transformed into strange creatures called Morduk that seem to somehow draw their power from precious metals. Many of the upper levels of the caverns were played out and as such are only occupied with the weaker Morduk. It is for that reason a popular hunting ground for adventurers who are seeking metals and gems to make the equipment they need to adventure. The mid levels are much more dangerous and are only frequented by high level adventures. The lower levels of the caverns are partially flooded and occupied by the most powerful Morduk. Very little is known about them.

Isle of Tainted Souls – A haunted island that attracts evil spirits in great numbers. Its corruption is rumored to be due to a large spirit gem that has been tainted and needs to be restored.