The Lands of Eternus (Medieval Fantasy RPG)

medieval fantasy rpg itemsIsles of Warbridge: Warbridge is actually a series of four closely placed islands named for its four powerful military forts built on opposite points on the Bay of Warbridge between the four islands. They are connected by four massive and heavily guarded underground tunnels known as the Warbridge that span the distance across the bay and meet in a central underground area known as the Court of Warbridge. They have been under assault for many years by the ships of the neighboring kingdom of Mogdan.

The forts are protected by the Knights of Eternus who maintain control of the four cities as a part of their ancient duty to the fallen King of Eternus. It is reputed that someday the Kings heir will return and restore the Kingdom to its former glory. The Knights are excellent tacticians that have remained in control of the city despite being outnumbered 10 to 1. The thieves and assassins guilds hold a powerful influence on the trade of the city as well as most other guilds and etc in the main city causing the knight to open trade to anyone. Due to the constant attack the assassins are able to thwart the attempts by the Knights to root them out.