The Lands of Eternus - The Northern Kingdoms

Eternus Southern KingdomsLongrest - Some call Longrest the sixth kingdom but actually is is the battlegrounds between the Northern and Southern Kingdoms. This is a sort of no mans land where resources and other items are considered up for grabs.

Location - It takes up all of the former provinces of Essex, Middlesex, Cambridgeshire, Huntingtonshire, Northhamptonshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire, and Herefordshire forming a very crude line that effectively makes up all of the territories that would connect the Northern and Southern Kingdoms.

Battlegrounds - Both the Northern and Southern Kingdoms project force into this area. Both sides have a tentative agreement that acts of war committed in Longrest are not valid because the territory is claimed by both sides. Since the area is disputed groups of soldiers from the two kingdoms often fight viciously over precious resources such as lumber, metal, stone and precious gems that are found in this area. If a large deposit of resources is found that area often quickly becomes a battleground between both sides. They also use the area as a staging ground to settle disputes between the kingdoms and to weaken the opposing side doing battle under the guise of a fight for resources.

Adventures - This area is a favorite of high level adventurers for the same reasons however the soldiers from both sides consider the resources of the area to be theirs and will fight anyone who refuses to relinquish them. If however a person makes it back to one of the Kingdoms he must mearly pay a small tax on items collected in Longrest even if the items involved the evasion of guards from their side.

Walbrook City - The city of Walbrook was once the finest and wealthiest city in all of Eternus and the capitol of the Kingdom. The King rules from his palace in the center of the large walled town. Now jokingly referred to as the "Capitol of Longrest" this one splendid city is now one of the most dangerous places in all of Eternus.