The Tactics of Eternus

rpg tactics eternusMilitary Tactics: Military tactics are focused primarily on defeating armies but most of the principals can be applied to conventional battles as well. The ten laws of military training should be the basis for understanding this vital information.

10 Laws of Military Training (Soldiers Must Memorize):

1) Keep it Simple: Always prepare a clear, uncomplicated plan and give clear concise orders to any followers. Exploit the lines of least resistance. Never attack when an enemy is strong. Do not us a strategy that is along the same lines if an attack has failed.
2) Gather Information: Use spies, civilians and others to find out what the enemy and others relevant to the war are doing. Gather information or resources as well for they can often mean the difference in victory and defeat.
3) Make a Plan: Make a clearly defined and attainable objective and stick to it unless you have a good reason to change. Leave lots of options open whenever possible. Uncertainty in command is a fatal flaw.
4) Go on the Offensive: Seize, retain, and exploit the initiative unless there is a very good reason. Force the enemy to react to you.
5) Hammer the Nail: You must concentrate combat power at a decisive place and time. Only use the force needed and no more unless it will go to waste anyway. A two to one ratio of equally matched forces is usually enough to ensure a victory. Other forces can be used to direct another attack on the flank for example.
6) Keep Moving: Place the enemy in a disadvantageous position through unpredictable and quick movements using terrain to your advantage and their disadvantage.
7) One army, one leader: Self Explanatory.
8) Deny the Enemy: Never permit the enemy to acquire an unexpected advantage through the use of a resource that you could have denied them. When attacking you should attack from the flank to cut off supplies and communications and to disrupt their ability to retreat. This denial should include giving them information. Use spies and civilians for disinformation to confuse them and keep them guessing about your movements, Use guerilla attacks to harass the enemy through attrition. Set up sieges and cut off outside supplies to a city to force a surrender. When defending you should slow the enemy down and gain time to maneuver. When surrounded pull your forces in tight and box them in to force an attack from all sides at once. If retreating burn anything of use before you do so to deny the enemy the spoils of victory. Remember moral force as well in this equation.
9) Gain Surprise: You must strike the enemy at a time, at a place, or in a manner for which he is unprepared and one of your choosing not his. When given the choice you should almost always attack leadership. You can attack from the flank with a small force to disguise a huge frontal assault. Use a feint to draw attention to an area on the battlefield where little is going on.
10) Know when to break the rules: Unpredictability is the key to the constantly evolving world of advanced military tactics. When your enemy knows enough to predict your movements and is more advanced then you then sometimes you must hide them from his knowledge and use an unpredictable stratagem. Always remember to trick an intelligent enemy and keep them guessing. The best way to be defeated is to use a strategy to which the enemy can easily predict and use to their advantage. You should try to hide weaknesses by making them seem like strengths and vice versa as a general rule. Then let the information slip out to the enemy by spreading the word among your allies and those around them. Of course a really good general will figure that out but it is often good enough to fool most.

Military Equipment (Siege):

Military Equipment (Fortifications):
Manlet: A mantlet is a large shield or portable shelter used for stopping arrows or bullets, in warfare. A mantlet can be mounted on a wheeled carriage, and protects soldiers as they are transported.

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