Overview of Crafting Items

Crafting toolsCrafting Tools: These special tools are needed to control a forge, work metal, shape and cut wood and manipulate and craft other materials. All eight kits include all the items needed to pursue any craft. Without them, you have to use improvised tools to prepare the forge and materials (–5 per missing kit) if you can do the job at all. Note: You must have at a minimum 5 sets of forge tools and your crafting tools to attempt to craft something.

Forge Tools: All eight sets of these tools are needed by all crafter's regardless of what they are crafting. The crafting type denotes who makes them not who needs them. Note: These tools are often sold in a Crafter's toolbag which can magically fit all of the heavy bulky items into one small backpack. Often low level crafters will trade each other for tools to avoid the additional sales costs.

Forge Tools (Alchemist): | Common | Uncommon |
Forge Tools (Artificer): | Common | Uncommon |
Forge Tools (Jeweler): | Common | Uncommon |
Forge Tools (Metallurgist): | Common | Uncommon |
Forge Tools (Sage): | Common | Uncommon |
Forge Tools (Stonemason): | Common | Uncommon |
Forge Tools (Tailor): | Common | Uncommon |
Forge Tools (Woodworker): | Common | Uncommon |

Gathering Tools: These tools are self-made by the gathering professions that need them. Unlike crafting professions gathering professions only need their own set. See: Gathering Items

Magically Crafted Items: Eternus contains over 600 original magical items that can be crafted by players. These items are magical in nature and are made of gathered materials.

Alchemist Items (Common and Uncommon):
Artificer Items (Common and Uncommon):
Jeweler Items (Common and Uncommon):
Stonemason Items (Common and Uncommon):
Metallurgist Items (Common and Uncommon):
Woodworker Items (Common and Uncommon):
Tailor Items (Common and Uncommon):
Sage Items (Common and Uncommon):

Special Items: Special Items are made up of parts created by two or more crafts and then combined by those same craftsmen (or they same types) in a group effort to create the item. They can be difficult to make and cost more than regular items bu the effects are often more powerful than items of the same quality and as such are more expensive as well

Combined Special Items (Common):
25% (+5) Armored Wagon (Uncommon)

Combined Special Items (Uncommon):
45% (+9) Gliding Cloak (Uncommon)

Note: Divine assistance adds to the level of the item created.

Magic Item Creation Costs: Creating a magic item costs 90% of the cost of the item. Multiply the retail cost by .9 for the crafting cost.

Judging Time, Difficulty and Experience: Use the chart below to judge the difficulty of an item and compare your skill to the percentage of the item to be created. Note: Experience is gained even if the recipe is a failure.

Trivial - (20% or more below) 50% (+10) normal time | Catastrophic Failure 0.1% - (001) 1 roll only | 0% Experience |
Bothersome - 15-19% below | 80% normal time | -10% Failure Chart | 25% Experience |
Demanding - 10-14% below | 90% normal time | -5% Failure Chart | 50% (+10) Experience |
Troublesome - 5-9% below | 100% normal time | +0% Failure Chart | 200% Experience |
Difficult - -4 below to +4 above | 200% normal time | +10% Failure Chart | 500% Experience |
Tough - +5-9% | 300% normal time | +20% Failure Chart | 1000% Experience |
Unamenable - +10-14% | 400% normal time | +30% (+6) Failure Chart | 1500% Experience |
Impossible - +15% - Cannot Attempt - Note: you cannot attempt to make an item of a higher crafting class than you have received training; i.e. if you have not trained in rare crafting you cannot make a rare item even if you are at 45% (+9) skill and it is within your normal range. As you near the

Crafting Inspiration: Certain crafting classes can use their stored inspiration to create an item that fits a certain slot once per month. When this skill is activated the crafter receives +5 bonus on all rolls relating to that item until it is complete. For the purposes of this item only their skill increases by +5%. This incurs the additional monetary expense of the item. Note: They still cannot however craft an item of a higher skill class then their training.