Quick Guide to the Lands of Eternus

The Five Kingdoms of EternusThe Five Kingdoms of Eternus - The five Kingdoms of Eternus have been allies since before a time when records were kept. Each Kingdom is unique and despite their political differences they have historically stood together in times of crisis. They are no longer uited by a strong and powerful King since the War of the Blades but the old ties hold loosely together.

Alba - The Highlands of Alba are located in the North-west and connected to the Norther Kingdom by a land bridge. The elves of Alba are united in a tenuous alliance under the Oberon of Alba.

Hibernia - Hibernia is an island kingdom off the western shore of the Dragonlands. The Elves of Hibernia are a reclusive group that fiercely protects their lands and resources.

Dragonlands - The Dragonlands are to the West of the Southern Kingdoms and the East of Hibernia. The Dragonlands are ruled by a council of Dukes and Duchesses from that region.

Southern Kingdoms - The Southern Kingdoms make up the Southern provinces and Islands of the Southern area of Eternus. They loosely follow the Council of Winchester.

Northern Kingdoms - The Northern Kingdoms make up the Northern provinces and Islands of the Northern area of Eternus. They loosely follow the Council of York.

Longrest - Some call Longrest the sixth kingdom but actually is is the no mans land between the Northern and Southern Kingdoms. It takes up all of the former provinces of Essex, Cambridgeshire, Huntingtonshire, Northhamptonshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire, and Herefordshire effectively blocking all territories that connect the Northern and Southern Kingdoms.