Games of Eternus

cuture games cards dragon kingsGames: There are many games in the realm of Eternus that you can play. Some of them are played as a simple constest of skill, others are played for money, and still others are contests of great importance and danger such as Swords and Dragon Kings.

Aces: Aces is a dice game favored by the humans of Fudokan. It is however widely played for money because it is very difficult to cheat.

Bones: This dice game is played in taverns across the lands and is simple and easy to learn.

Cutpurse: Originating in back alleys and played by thieves and other unsavory types this popular and simple dice game has made its way into local taverns and gambling establishments.

Daggers: Daggers is played by throwing a weighted dagger at a dartboard. The best score of three wins the contest.

Dragon Kings: A card game of great skill played for high stakes and only by high level assassins, thieves, and wealthy noblemen and professional gamblers who love the thrill of danger. Known as the easiest game to learn and the most difficult game to master in the Kingdom is is not a game for the weak of heart.

Heist: This fast paced gambling game is favored by gaming houses appealing to wealthy crowds of casual gamblers.

Suicide: A card game made popular by sailors. This card game can last a minute or an hour.

Swords: Swords is played identically to Texas Holdem except there is one joker (crossed swords) that acts as a wildcard. The play is tournament style and can vary from game to game.

Tick Scratch: This is a simplified verson of the game Vanguard which is played by those of lesser skill. It is much quicker and more forgiving than Vanguard.

Traps: This extremely simple game is favored by children for its quick and simple play. It is also a popular tavern game to pass the time.

Vanguard: A complex game favored by elves that is similar to chess but played on a much larger board and with 100 different pieces each with unique abilities. A game that is very undermatched can last as short as one minute while a game played by true masters can take weeks.